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New Dubai bus-taxi lane opens today; Dh600 fine for violators Staff Reporter /Dubai Filed on January 20, 2021 | Last updated on January 21, 2021 at 11.51 am By Sibte Hassan (Jul, 2018) | Reply, How can I reduce my black points? Thus, GPS – Satellite navigation systems are not always reliable. Parking in front of fire hydrant places, Stopping in the middle of the road without a justified reason, Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement, Stopping the vehicle without keeping safe distance specified by the law from a curve or junction or turns, a. You have entered an incorrect email address! 3. 177 of 2017 regarding issuing and renewing a driver’s licence. Steps to check RTA Fine: Visit the RTA website which is; Go to the “Driver and Car owner” tab and click on it. Trailing a boat or carriage without permission, a. Loading the light vehicle in a way that endangers others, Overloading or unframed loadings in the light vehicles, Using training vehicles in timings other than specified by licensing authority or in undesignated areas, a. Roads change on a regular basis. I want to get a radar snapshot, where should I go? See information below table for updates to UAE Traffic Law and UAE Federal Traffic Council (FTC) information. Dubai 100% discount traffic fine system might be implemented in all UAE emirates according to the UAE Federal Traffic Council Chairman and Dubai Police Assistant Commander-in-Chief, Major-General Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, who said " If convinced, the council will recommend it to the Ministry of Interior for its approval on an implementation across all of the UAE ". If a traff… Mandatory seat belts are required for all motorists and passengers. 3.Dubai Police: Visit this site Dubai Police for Traffic Fines. Using your phone while driving, or any other distractions, will attract a AED 400 fine and four black points. Dangerous driving that damages public or private properties Dh2,000 23 black points 60-day vehicle confiscation. Not all Dubai drivers use indicators. Other violations include: jumping red signals, sudden swerving, blocking traffic and driving without a number plate. You may also go the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website for the same purpose. As Dubai roads have a whole lot of traffic, a commute that normally takes 15 minutes may take more than an hour during peak time.Therefore, while relaxing in traffic, checking out your mobile can result in a hefty fine of 800 AED and 4 points over a license. The fine and other punishment will be decided by the Dubai court depending upon your careless driving. Ras Al Khaimah. As of February 2019, motorists are allowed to pay traffic fines in interest-free installments in Dubai. Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions - Besides fines and penalties for violation of different traffic rules, you can also be banned to drive in Dubai. Dense fog during winter months can cause danger. You will be asked to bring the car to General Department of Criminal Investigation (Division of Vehicle Tracking) to be tested and must present the proof of vehicle ownership. Hazard lights are used to alert other drivers they are slowing down. If you’re the driver, visit the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters and request to file a complaint. In Abu Dhabi, there are two applications that iOS or Android users my download: Abu Dhabi Police and Ministry of Interior Ministerial Resolution No. In case of exceeding the speed limit, you will have to pay a fine along with vehicle confiscation as a penalty. For assistance, it is advised to call 901 for checking the transaction details. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Not carrying vehicle registration card, Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the first traffic violation, Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the second traffic violation, Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation, Overtaking from a prohibited place by truck drivers, a. The government of Dubai is offering a high range of discount on the traffic fines levied on their citizens. How to Avoid Traffic Fine. You will have to re-route and drive to the next interchange. Not in original list of penalties. How can I change my registration data? Traffic No. If you have not accrued any traffic fines for three months you get a 25% discount. “There are many options for individuals to contest a traffic fine in Dubai. Another important point to be noted here is that if you have been penalized or fined in either of the two cities, you will not be able to pay unless you make a cash payment in the city you were fined in. But if you just hit someone and take the injured person to the hospital, you will be treated with some leniency. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These regulations are mainly for road safety and lessening traffic, in line with UAE’s Vision 2021 to reduce traffic casualties from 6 per 1000,000 people to 3 per 100,000 people. If the case is registered, the traffic fine will be waived off in less than five days provided you can prove your case. Is there a fee to get a list of all violations? Maximum black points limit is 24 within a one year period. Search Options Confirmation X. The revision brings the biggest hike to it by taking it to 800 dirhams with four black points on the driver's license. The two-month-long initiative will also see all-black points cancelled, and the charges due for vehicle confiscation waived off. The Dubai traffic fine discount 2020 is structured in the same way. Moreover, your exotic wheel will be confiscated for a month with 2 black points in your driving career. You may also dispute traffic fines by visiting the Deira or Bur Dubai Traffic Departments respectively. Exceeding the permitted percentage of vehicle’s tinting, Modifying the vehicle’s engine or the chassis without permission, a. Violators will be fined AED 400 and will obtain with four black points. They can make use of the Dubai Police app, or the Dubai Police website, in order to pay fines, or by visiting the centers dedicated to paying traffic fines. To contest a traffic fine in Dubai, you have quite a few options. 5 Easy Ways to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai without Visiting Traffic Department Policybazaar Average Rating 5 / 5 (1 reviews) 612 Views Owning a car is no longer a luxury as it has become a necessity for people especially in a city like Dubai where travelling from one … Their cars will also be impounded for 60 days. In case the changing lane light signs are not working, Changing vehicle’s color without permission, a. It has been observed that some expert drivers try to drive even with expired wheels which can be very dangerous. Here are some other small fines which are charged due to irresponsible behavior while driving. The new amendments in Dubai traffic fines are very detailed and specific to each of the situations. Your email address will not be published. Car windows can be tinted up to 30% meaning up to 70% light transparent, If you want to drive along Sheikh Zayed Road, you will need a. 9. Hello, i want to ask if we can modify the color of the headlight, from halogen to LED Headlights, are we broke any laws? The maximum points limitation that is black is 24 within a one-year interval. According to the list of Dubai traffic fines for the year 2020, you have to pay a fine of 1500 AED along with 12 black points with the penalty of auto confiscation of one month. Black points are calculated from the date of payment of violation and recorded to the licence. 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Trademark Attorney for Your Business, Why Expert Translators are Needed in Legal Translation. So, you should ask for the guidelines of traffic rules and regulations to avoid heavy RTA fines along with hiring an economy wheel from the Cheap Car Rental Dubai. There are a lot of speed cameras on the side and centre of many. Log in to “Inquiry and Payment of Traffic Fines” service. You will find many roundabouts in Dubai. So, drivers having an expired wheels’ auto will be charged a fine of AED 500 along with 4 black points. For payment assistance, you can call 901. Go to the “Fines” tab, then click on “Pay Dubai traffic fines.” Click on the “Start” and enter the required details. By Sethu Kumar (Jun, 2018) | Reply, licence have how many black points? Some banks such as First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank offer credit card holders with a 0% Installment Plan for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, but the traffic fine needs to be at least AED 500. You will have the option to print a list of your violations. One month normally means 30 days, not 28 or 31 days. Would you like to continue ? While driving, it is the responsibility of Motorists to keep roads safe. 01 Mar 2008 - new Unified Federal Traffic Law (Black Points Law) for the UAE takes effect with list of offences and punishments given in table below. Driving with an expired driving license, a. Motorists who ignore traffic lights will be fined AED 1,000, face a penalty of 12 points and their vehicles will be seized for a month. The scheme was launched considering the coronavirus situation in the country. Here is a round-up for how to contest a traffic fine in Dubai. Thank you once again for doing your part to keep Edarabia the most trusted education source. Besides this, there will be an addition of 2-3 black points to your driving record. Jumping a red signal is also considered as a serious violation of traffic signal lights. If you are responsible for the accident, you will have to pay a heavy fine with tax. It is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving. Another online website that you could visit regarding traffic fines is the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG). Do You Need Life Insurance If You’re Single? From there, you can make changes in your account. Upon first issuance, the driver’s licence is valid for one year for citizens, GCC nationals and other nationalities. The same punishment and fine applies to drivers who endanger the lives of others. Progress Percentage. Drunk driving will lock you up in jail for a few days. Motorists exceeding the speed limit by 80 kmph will be fined AED 3,000 and will obtain 23 black points. The most common fine charged by RTA in Dubai is due to over-speeding. By Ravi saini (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Can i accpect 50%discount on traffic fines this Year on Uae national day.. By Tanveer akhter (Oct, 2018) | Reply, hello sir my fine is 2017 september so how can reduce the my fine any reduce the amount for this will be my drving license fine By abubaker (Sep, 2018) | Reply, Is it allowed for one to drive having UAE driver's license in UAE on visit visa? Customers can now apply for the service through Dubai Police website or smart application. So, when you drive without a seatbelt, you will have to pay a fine of 400 AED along with an addition of 4 black points in your driving history. The rear or side lights of trailer container are broken, a. Loading the heavy vehicles in a way that endangers others, If the loads of the trucks are not covered, Not complying of loading and unloading in the designated areas, a. Driving under influence of alcohol Penalty to be decided by the court We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In that situation, the court will decide about you. Dubai. No doubt there is no penalty for blocking traffic in Dubai but 6 black points will be allotted to you in this scenario. Required fields are marked *. 2. Web Design by Grafdom, How Positivity Can Boost the Immune System. not leaving safe distance between vehicles, driving without insurance/car registration, Trade secrets or confidential information. Instead of Hazard lights, fog lights are used by most motorists. One month usually means 30 days, not 31 or 28 days. b. The UAE government takes very strict action and gives you 24 black points at once and confiscates the car you are driving for 2 months whether your car is personal or rented. Provide training on a training vehicle that is not labeled as training vehicle, Not holding training permit while training, Load leakage or spelling from the heavy vehicles, Throwing wastes from vehicles onto the roads, Leak or falling of parts of the loads from a light vehicle, Dubai Police Traffic Fines (Complete List 2021). Stay in the left lane when turning left. The court will decide the fine and/or jail term. Make sure you follow these traffic rules to avoid accidents and paying a hefty amount of traffic fines in Dubai. Traffic Fines in Dubai: Dangerous driving Dh2,000 23 black points 60-day vehicle confiscation. Earlier it was 200 dirhams only. Stopping a vehicle in a way that expose danger on pedestrians, Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and tactors without permission from the competent authority, Using vehicles for purposes other than the designated ones, Using the vehicle in carrying and transporting passengers without permission, Using vehicle in carrying inflammable or hazardous materials without permission, Using vehicles in marches without permission or in unauthorized situations, a. Violators will be fined AED 400 and will obtain four black points. There is a fee of AED 5 when requested from service locations. You will be asked to provide your Driving License number, Vehicle Plate number, or TC (Traffic File) number. You will be asked to provide one of the following when trying to view and pay Dubai traffic fines: How to Pay Dubai Police Traffic Fines in Installments. However, one would still have to submit the proof in person or online. It is best to always be alert and vigilant while driving. Traffic lights in Dubai mean different compared to other countries. The Dubai government takes very strict action against drunk drivers. The RTA website is actually pretty straightforward, but just in case you need some more assistance, below is the process with some screenshots. Apart from familiarizing yourself with laws, here are some handy driving tips you should consider when out on the road. You must log in to your account and select “User Data”. They can go to the traffic fine payment on these platforms and … * Plate Source Driving through a red flashing light is not allowed. Some banks such as First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank offer credit card holders with a 0% Installment Plan for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, but the traffic fine needs to be at least AED 500. Dubai RTA will not give you any favor if your drive so carelessness that your vehicle got hit by another person or vehicle. Plzz can you provide me??? “Remote work can lead to productivity gain... Top 20 Bloggers to Follow in Turkey (2021) , Top 20 Bloggers to Follow in Japan (2021) . Despite the fact that Fujairah is an integral part of the Emirates, the Fujairah traffic fines 2021 are not the same as that of rest of the UAE particularly Dubai. 7. Upon first issuance, the driver’s licence is valid for 2 years for citizens, GCC nationals, and other nationalities, Upon renewal, the driver’s licence is valid for 10 years for citizens and GCC nationals, and for 5 years for other nationalities. Where can I dispute a violation? UAE Police Traffic Fines 2021. Tourists usually prefer to hire economic autos for Rentalcarsuae companies. You have to be 18 years old and above to obtain a driving license. How to Protect Social Media Accounts From Cyber Attack With Cyber... 10 Best Motorcycle Tires in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide With Reviews. If you are also interested in driving supercars from any Car Rental Dubai Company, we suggest you learn the traffic rules. Drivers who are supposed to pay traffic fines for violating the rules can avail up to 100% discount. Motorists who’ve racked up traffic fines in Fujairah can breathe easy. How do I view them? How can I dispute traffic fines? 2. The following are some violation fines you will have to pay for reckless driving in Dubai. Below is a list of Dubai Traffic Fines according to the UAE Unified Federal Traffic Law. But you should be aware that every emirate of the UAE has separate traffic and road rules. Are black points calculated from the violation date or from the payment date? 6. By ADERSH (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Hi I need all fine list 2018.. because we don't know how much the red light fine and parking fine etc. RTA has announced range of discounts on traffic violations. Step by Step Guide to Paying your RTA Dubai Traffic Fines Online. The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has imposed traffic fines for violations by motorists and commuters in Dubai. 6 Things To Look For Before You Buy a Crib for Your Baby, Choosing Cordless Circular Saw: Main Recommendations, Guide to Finding the Right Attorney for Your Business, Get Your Home Away From Home With Instant Renters’ Insurance. Unfortunately, if you hit someone so hard that a person dies, you will be allotted with 12 black points at the moment and your auto will be taken in the RTA control for one month. Due to the highly developed business, economy, and infrastructure of Dubai, many people not only tend to visit this city but also dream to drive the luxury sports car on the smoothest tracks of the UAE. In case of not wearing the helmet by the driver when driving a motorcycle, Failure to use signal light when changing the vehicle direction or making tums, Non-compliance with the traffic compulsory lane for light vehicles, Using a leisure bike with three or more wheels on the road, Causing disturbance to traffic in any way not set forth in this schedule, Non-compliance of heavy vehicle with the traffic compulsory lane, Heavy vehicle overtaking or entering prohibited roads or areas, Not placing reflective stickers on the backside of trucks and transport vehicles, Driving heavy vehicles not complying with the safety and security measures, Not following the instructions of the traffic policeman, Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases, Driving a Vehicle with a driving license other that the granted one, a. Using the horn or the vehicle radio in a disturbing way, School bus driver failing to activate the stop sign or in case of non-compliance with traffic instructions, The driver fails to stop when the school bus driver activates the stop sign, Not giving way or priority to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police or official convoys, Not giving priority to pedestrians in pedestrian’s crossings, Not giving priority to vehicles coming from the back or the left side of the road, Pedestrian’s failure to abide by signals or crossing from the undesignated areas, Allowing children under 10 years old or shorter than 145 cm to sit in the front seat, Not fixing child seats for children under 4 years old in the vehicle, a. Service Description. Children below 10 years old are not allowed in the front passenger seat. Prison sentences listed are maximum jail time. All car passengers are required to wear seat belts including those sitting in the rear seat. List of Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, UAE police traffic fines 2021 and violations for driving offences, fine amounts, black points, vehicle confiscation and impounding periods, driving license suspension times. Discount on traffic fines has been announced in UAE. The same list will also be emailed to you. When you drive recklessly without keeping in view your safety and security, you will have to pay various fines in various conditions of carelessness. You can dispute a violation at the police station that issued the ticket; or through the Traffic Prosecution Office in Deira. Share this article with your friends and colleagues. Confused About Buying Best Tires For Your Dirt Bike? Pay your traffic fine now! If you are caught using a phone while driving on Dubai roads, the road and traffic authority of Dubai will charge you a fine of AED 800. So, if you are driving such a vehicle, be careful because Dubai police can charge you 500 AED as a fine plus an allotment of 5 black points. Traffic Fines Payment. Read This! Sharjah Traffic fines Payment In the UAE, traffic rules are usually strict and organized and you need to follow them to be fine free. This service allows you to pay your traffic fines and violations. Some such fines are listed below. When you drive a vehicle without a number plate, you will be charged a fine of AED 3,000 along with the penalty of your plateless auto confiscation for approximately 3 months. On the contrary, people who managed to run after hitting someone will be treated offensively and you will be treated as a criminal. 10 Dubai traffic offenses you probably didn’t know, ‘The wealth of VIS is our diversity,’ says Heath Bailey, UAE youth who strive to make a difference (Alka Sathyan & David Isaac), ‘More schools should be using retrieval practice,’ suggests Kate Jones, ‘Online learning models are more flexible & scalable,’ says Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar, ‘Boarding in Dubai is a fantastic opportunity,’ says David McKeown, ‘Teachers’ happiness & professional development is important,’ says Dunecrest leaders, Driving a vehicle below the minimum speed limit set for the road, if any, Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80 km per hour, Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60 kph, Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 60 kph, Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 50 kph, Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 40 kph, Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 30 kph, Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 20 kph, Violating the rules of using the commercial plate numbers, a. UAE National Day 2020: 50% discount on traffic fines in Sharjah 49 days’ grace kicks in from December 2, 2020 Published: November 26, 2020 16:40 Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Sharjah (site was down at 3:35 pm), though we did find an alternative site to check traffic offences if registered within the emirate.. Caught a traffic violation while driving in Dubai? 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control rules, Updated Provisions on Driving under the influence. When you drive an auto rented from Car Rental Dubai services, you should be very careful because the company will also charge you some additional cost if you are caught up drunk while driving. Driving a vehicle in a way that jeopardizes the driver or others’ lives, safety or security, Driving under the influence of drugs or brain affecting substances or similar items, a. Cars of such careless drivers will also be taken in control for 7 days as a penalty. Not examining the vehicle after making core adjustments on its engine, If the lights of the vehicle are not working, a. You can drive at the speed of 100 to 120 kph on the highways.

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