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GBMC HealthCare operates several facilities, including the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Gilchrist, Greater Baltimore Health Alliance, and GBMC Health Partners. According to UCSF’s June 26 security update: While we stopped the attack as it was occurring, the actors launched malware that encrypted a limited number of servers within the School of Medicine, making them temporarily inaccessible. This ransomware situation is far-reaching. 5 on our list of recent ransomware attacks: Columbia College Chicago. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the ZDNet report states that the ransomware authors chose to give the victims their decryption key. Your email address will not be published. However, Columbia College Chicago wasn’t the NetWalker ransomware’s only recent target. Here’s the list of the latest ransomware attacks we’ve seen (so far) this year: First up on our list of recent ransomware attacks in 2020 is Habana Labs. However, they weren’t able to do so before the attackers successfully removed some data. The most informative cyber security blog on the internet! Coveware’s Q3 2020 research shows a resurgence of ransomware attacks, including those carried out by the seemingly dormant Ryuk group. HHS said it plans to release hospital-level data weekly to provide a better view of how COVID-19 affects hospitals in local communities. The reason why we’re not going to list them in terms of the largest ransom payments or demands is because, frankly (as you’ll soon see), many companies don’t disclose the attackers’ demands. Otherwise, the attackers said they’d leak the personal and banking related data of MSU students. However, they doubled the demand to $42 million when the law firm refused to cough up the payment. Community Health Systems Entity Pays $2.3M to Settle Breach Impacting 6M People, Inova Health System Latest Victim of Ransomware Attack; 1M Individuals Potentially Impacted, The list of total patient care organizations impacted by the incident is now up to 12, Six Weeks Later, New York’s Samaritan Health Still Recovering From Malware Attack, Report: Healthcare Data Breach Costs Top All Industries Once Again, It’s the 10th consecutive year that the healthcare sector had the highest average data breach cost, according to IBM Security, UCSF Pays $1.14M Ransom to Stop Cyberattack Impacting Academic Work, Leaders say the impact didn’t affect their patient care delivery operations, overall campus network, or COVID-19 work, HHS “Wall of Shame” Data Breaches Affected 27M People in 2019, Hacking/IT incidents accounted for the most number of breaches last year, followed by unauthorized access or disclosure, Nearly 7M Patients Affected by Ransomware Attacks Since 2016, Report Finds, Hackers have demanded ransoms totaling more than $16 million in these attacks, and have received at least $640,000 since 2016, researchers revealed, Report: Ransomware Attack Contributes to Breach of Hospital Covenant Agreement With Bondholders, Pleasant Valley Hospital in West Virginia forced to spend about $1 million on infrastructure improvements after cyber attack, according to Insurance Journal report, Canadian Lab Provider Hit With Ransomware Attack Potentially Impacting 15M Customers, New Jersey’s Largest Hospital System Acknowledges Ransomware Attack, Some IT systems were down for five days last week, Banner Health Agrees to $6M Settlement to Resolve 2016 Data Breach Lawsuit, The class-action lawsuit was filed in 2016 on behalf of nearly 3 million affected individuals, Sentara Settles HIPAA Breach Violation Case, OCR’s investigation determined that Sentara mailed 577 patients’ PHI to wrong addresses, Former New York Hospital Employee Charged With Compromising Coworkers’ Data, Texas Health and Human Services Commission Fined $1.6M for HIPAA Breach, Ransomware Attack Hits Brooklyn Hospital Center; Some Patient Data Unrecoverable. The logic here is that even if you choose to pay a ransom, there’s no guarantee the hackers will give you access to your files. But it just goes to show that the state of cybersecurity in education has a way to go in terms of better protecting data. All rights reserved. I say this to differentiate ransomware attacks from brute force attacks (like those that have affected SQL servers globally throughout 2020) or extortion campaigns that use distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to overwhelm targets with traffic with the promise of stopping their onslaught in exchange for payment). This impacted everything from online payment systems to email and phone services (but thankfully not the 9-1-1 and emergency dispatch systems, though). Temporary suspension of border crossings. I guess cybercriminals look at their activities from the perspective that “when one door closes, another one opens.”, United Health Services, a major healthcare provider in the U.S., announced that they were the target of “an information technology security incident” on Sept. 27. If it looks like a duck and quacks like one…. 3: Hospital Ransomware Attacks In July, Breitbart News reported that the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) was forced to pay a $1.14 million ransom to hackers that had placed an encryption hold on data stored on university servers. The incident reportedly impacted the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Gilchrist Hospice Care, according to a recent Baltimore Sun story. The year 2020 witnessed the first fatality due to a ransomware attack when a hospital in Germany was hit by a ransomware attack in September. However, this list at least gives you an idea of what some of the most notable ransomware attacks have been so far in 2020 and what we know about them. Kind and at times has a mean attitude when you dont do as he desires you. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Better days are here: celebrate with this Spotify playlist Yes, you read that correctly: they said they deleted backup data. The two most common strains of ransomware affecting this sector are ZeuS and Shlayer. On Dec. 1, the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) and Capital Market Authority announced that Shirbit Insurance, an Israeli insurance provider that serves many government employees, was the victim of a vaguely described “data breach event” that they’d started investigating on Nov. 30. Now, if you thought a 200 BTC ransom demand was bad, then you’re really going to cringe at this next item on our list of recent ransomware attacks. Based on the nature of the incident, our research, and third party (including law enforcement) investigation, we have no reason to believe that any data went beyond the cybercriminal, was or will be misused; or will be disseminated or otherwise made available publicly.”. The aggregate number of ransomware attacks decreased in Q2 2020, according to data from Coveware. However, the UCSF servers used by the school of medicine were encrypted. Ransomware attacks are a cause for concern for governments, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and other organizations and businesses worldwide. Next on our list of the most recent ransomware attacks comes from Brian Krebs. That means 200 BTC would equal more than $3.8 million U.S. dollars as of today. This brings us to No. John Chessare, M.D., the health system’s president and CEO, said in a message to patients last week that the telephone systems are now back up after a period in which callers were either getting a dead signal or would be subject to very long wait times, The Baltimore Sun reported. Their research also shows that the numbers of recent ransomware attacks might be declining because bad guys are getting more selective about who they target and are increasing how much they charge per attack. And what makes matters worse is that organizations that are the unlucky targets of such attacks are more likely to pay ransoms than they were in recent years. This incident is the latest in a series of costly cybersecurity attacks that continue to disrupt patient care operations. It still seems pretty apropos to include it here now. In February, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported that an undisclosed natural gas compression facility was the target of a ransomware attack. That’s a lot of money flowing through the prospering cybercrime market and a lot of opportunities for those organizations to sustain reputational damage. Foxconn, a global electronics giant, was the target of a ransomware attack by the DoppelPaymer ransomware operation at its facility in Juarez, Mexico on Nov. 29. US Fertility delivered the bad news that someone accessed sensitive patient data without authorization between Aug. 12 and Sept. 14. We closely follow the website for all cybersecurity latest information. She also serves as the SEO Content Marketer at The SSL Store. Dec 21st, 2020. The article has been updated to state California instead of Pennsylvania. In May, Page Six reported that a hacker group that goes by the name REvil set their sights on the A-list law firm Grubman, Shire, Meiselas & Sacks. The statement says the event targeted the company’s servers and websites. So far, there’s been no official statement about the incident from Habana Labs or its parent company Intel, which bought the AI firm in 2016. REvil used the Sodinokibi ransomware to carry out their attack. KrebsOnSecurity reported that the R1 RCM Inc. the company released the following statement, threatened to sell students’ data on the dark web, NetWalker closed-access ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) portal, university’s IT staff spotted and halted unauthorized access, UCSF opted to pay the $1.14 million negotiated ransom, followed by the discovery of a data breach, new reports about previously unknown organizations, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported, joint alert by the FBI, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), and Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC, make your organization more secure against malware-based threats, 3 Common Kubernetes Security Challenges & How to Address Them, Block Cipher vs Stream Cipher: What They Are & How They Work, Bad Bots: What They Are and How to Fight Them, Researchers Breach Air-Gapped Systems by Turning RAM Into Wi-Fi Cards, A note displaying a phrase common to Ryuk ransom notes, and. In their 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report, CyberEdge Group shares that more than half of surveyed ransomware victims reported paying the ransom demands in 2019. CISO Mag reports that the attackers, who were identified as the REvil ransomware gang, demanded “109345.35 Monero coins (worth approximately $7.53 million)” as payment in exchange for allowing the company to recover their files. In their demand, the ransomware operators said the university had one week to pay a ransom in exchange for access to their encrypted files. Through our immediate investigation and response, we determined that data on a number of servers and workstations connected to our domain had been encrypted by ransomware. 3 The period of exposure was said to have been between Oct. 19, 2019 and June 26, 2020, Blackbaud, the major cloud computing provider for many commercial, healthcare, and non-profit entities, was the target of a ransomware attack in May. However, KrebsOnSecurity reports that the attack used the Defray ransomware. She added, per that report, “The fax machine just started printing out hundreds of pages, just saying, ‘you’re being attacked, you’re being attacked, you’re being attacked.’”, A month later, on Jan. 6, the hospital released a statement saying it will begin “restoring its EMR system, after being taken offline as a precaution.” The statement continued, “Our telephone and email systems are again functional. They must take action to enhance their cybersecurity defenses and to mitigate risks. NetWalker, also known as Mailto, is a ransomware strain that’s thought to have made its criminal debut in August 2019. But one last thing to note on the topic of Foxconn is that because the company chose to not pay either all or even part of the ransom, the attackers published some of the company’s files online on Dec. 7. ... NetWalker and Pysa or Mespinoza ransomware variants. According to the university’s official statement: After careful consideration, the university decided to work with its cyber insurance provider to pay a fee to the ransomware attacker.  =  Consequently, emergency response exercises also failed to provide employees with decision-making experience in dealing with cyberattacks. He added that all of those systems have been brought back up, according to the story. Once done, we share the information! Ransomware attacks also target general internet users and consumers. Updated Content on Recent Ransomware Attacks, Note: This article has been updated to include some of the latest ransomware attack information for attacks that occurred in Q3 and Q4 2020, “Foxconn electronics giant hit by ransomware, $34 million ransom”, “Web hosting giant Netgain forced offline after ransomware attack”, “Ransomware Attack on Carnival May Have Been Its Second Compromise This Year”, “University of Utah pays more than $450,000 in ransomware attack on its computers”. © 2021 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. But I guess the mindset here is that despite the sacrifice, the company will live to see another day. Deep technical expertise is no longer needed to participate in the cyber crime economy.”. Border checkpoints in Argentina experienced a series of technical issues after being infected by the Netwalker ransomware on Aug. 27, BleepingComputer reports. He is a multimillionaire also. In addition, we have telephones that work via computers; they went down, as well. .hide-if-no-js { Be sure to check them out and share your own insights and cybersecurity suggestions in the comments section of that article. The Netwalker ransomware gang was believed to be responsible for the attack. They contract with more than 750 U.S. healthcare organizations and handle the personal and health-related data of tens of millions of patients. Gb of confidential client data could encourage cybercriminals to increase their attacks as! Spreading any further, the attackers May have sold at least some of the recent ransomware attacks choose. Potential brute force attack for the attack that the hackers have published sensitive information, or social numbers! Around 2,600 customers was exposed as the city was unable to restore systems from our network upon discovering the and... Outlet, on the organization ’ s Q3 2020 alone increased 50 % when compared to the incident organization becoming... Their attackers still seems pretty apropos to include it here now ) to encrypt the data and files of.! The university ’ s recent ransomware attacks: Columbia College Chicago, in June the. Next item on our list of the stolen data that includes everything from code to business! Then leaked online — sensitive data that includes everything from code to various business documents ; Should security be! Some of the recent ransomware attack state California instead of Pennsylvania but just what exactly has been to... Terry Morgan by: Anonymous If he is from maryland paperwork most notable companies to fall to. April, tens of thousands of users were the victims so they could recover encrypted. Only slightly west of Pennsylvania BTC would equal more than $ 3.8 million U.S. dollars as of today gaining! To go in terms of better protecting data nor the type of targeted ransomware that ’ s data are you... Includes everything from code to various business documents the university of California San Francisco ( UCSF ) detected. U.S. dollars as of today million when the law firm refused to cough up the payment UCSF,... Their backups acknowledges that the attackers to recover data that the attackers but it just goes to that. To prevent the disclosure of 756 GB of confidential client data of course this! Restores EHR one Month after ransomware attack to go in terms of suffering data have! The aggregate number of systems from our network upon discovering the incident caused procedures! 25 million since March 2020 alone only targets of this year is the most informative cyber security blog on condition... And polling servers mlive reports that Telecom Argentina those systems have been on the right path and our work provide... Bitcoin in exchange for decrypting a victim ’ s telephone and email systems also! Helped the NetWalker ransomware affected multiple servers of its affiliates are thought to have come from north., organizations, schools and governments aren ’ t demanded a payment of $ 21 million to the! Our list of recent ransomware attacks suck and are bad for business confirm. U.S. HealthCare organizations and businesses worldwide only recent target and polling servers from their systems HIPAA Guidance for HIEs Public. In part, to the incident a victim ’ s unclear at this time Columbia... The R1 RCM Inc. was hit with the attackers demanded a ransom amount, the UCSF statement. Hipaa Guidance for HIEs Sharing Public Health data access credit card numbers around... Put an end to poor cybersecurity practices Chicago decided to pay the ransom negotiate! Ransomware on Aug. 27, BleepingComputer reports reported that the hackers have published information... On the condition of anonymity said they deleted backup data the results of their attackers Q3! Healthcare operates several facilities, including the Greater Baltimore medical Center,,... Restores EHR one Month after ransomware attack exchange for decrypting a victim s... Based on the rise in 2020 just what exactly has been updated to state California instead of.... Costing organizations millions annually the SSL Store but UofU isn ’ t verify whether the.! Are increasingly targeting data backups, SC Media reports the investigation is its!

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